BIOLATAM 2015 – Chile – November 2015

Roberto Horcajada -Inkemia IUCT Group, project coordinator of GRAIL- will have a presentation at the BIOLATAM 2015 event in Chile on Tuesday 17, November 2015 (09:00–10:30).

The theme of his presentation is about bioeconomy and industrial biotechnology: The economic model of the future and examples of this industrial reality in Latin America. “White biotechnology includes basically all sectors except agriculture and health. It provide solutions in many areas such as chemical, food technology, environment and energy, among others. The current roundtable gives an overview of the great opportunities that white biotechnology offers with particular focus on Latin America in development of biofuels, bioplastics, biodetergents and food additives.”

Hosted this year by Chile Biotech, ProChile and Asembio, the conference is already gathering strong European support and is expected to draw an even bigger audience of engaged life science professionals. Check out

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