D8.2 – Management and Quality Plan

Main Objectives

The main objective of the “Management and Quality Plan” is to define a consistent set of working procedures, processes and best practices in order to ensure Quality standards of the Project outcomes. Moreover, it targets the management of the interaction between the beneficiaries during the work execution as well as the interaction of the consortium with external stakeholders.

Main Outcomes

The main outcomes of this deliverable is the generation of GRAIL project corporative image through the delivering of a set of standard materials to be used in all communication channels including, internal communication within the consortium, communication with the European Commission, as well as, communication outside the consortium.

Not only a set of rules and quality standards have been established, but also a Quality Assurance Committee has been created. The Quality Assurance Committee is composed by the project coordinator, a scientific expert, a language expert and a dissemination expert, they aim to ensure all the materials created during the project life are in line with those quality standards.

The “Management and Quality Plan” opens the doors to next actions, those actions needed to spread knowledge and information in a standardised manner following the characteristic image of the GRAIL project at the same time it sets the Quality Standards that must be followed to provide uniform and high-quality outcomes to the European Commission and society in general.