Description of the institution


Organization STUBA is a multidisciplinary facility with microbiology, biochemistry and bioengineering developing methods of microbial biomass production technology and environmental biotechnology.

Emphasis is fermentative production of organic acids, lipids, pigments and biotransformation of carbohydrates, overproduction of secondary metabolites used in pharmaceuticals and recombinant biocatalysis.

Role in the project

The main task performed by STUBA in this project will be to focus on fermentation with anaerobic microorganisms (Clostridium sp.) and aerobic microorganisms. STUBA will be involved in 2 different WPs with different experimental models, including immobilization

WP3, task 2.5

WP4, task 3.3

Key personnel

Ing. Martin Rebroš, PhD., professor assistant at Department of Biotechnology (FChPT, STU). Ten years of experience in biocatalysis, biotechnology and enzymology field focused mainly on biofuels, recombinant enzyme production and immobilization. One year postdoc position at University of Manchester (UK), 13 publications, 1 patent, so far responsible for one 7. FP project (BIONEXGEN).

Prof. Ing. Michal Rosenberg, PhD. professor at Department of Biotechnology (FChPT, STU), expert in applied biotechnology. So far responsible for 10 research grants and 90 industrial grants, author of 55 publications, 20 patents, 11 know-how licenses.

Ing. Ľudmila Krištofíková, research fellow at Department of Biotechnology (FChPT, STU). Thirty years of experience in the field of industrial microbiology, metabolites productions, 24 publications, co-author of 50 industrial grants, 3 know-how licenses.

Ing. Helena Hronská, PhD., professor assistant at Department of Biotechnology (FChPT, STU). 12 years of experience in biotransformation, immobilizations, 7 publications, 20 industrial projects.

Ľubomír Laho, technician at Department of Biotechnology (FChPT, STU). Experience in fermentor operation and downstream processes.