Description of the institution


SME Biozoon GmbH was established in 2001 and currently employs 23 persons. Biozoon is located in Bremerhaven at the centre of the north-German food industry. Its main activity is the development and production of innovative food products and ingredients ; here biozoon is market leader in the field of processed texturizers for gastronomy, catering, canteen kitchen as well as for private consumers. All products are developed by biozoon itself and protected by IPR (trademark or patent). Another part of the business is the licensing of patents on products & processes. Biozoon currently holds one patent and is involved in a patent application from the European project LowJuice. In addition, biozoon owns over 40 trademarks. Recently, the company started a new business area called smoothfood, which focuses on products for the frail and elderly with chewing and swallowing difficulties who live at home or in nursing facilities. The business strategy is to develop new food products based on new raw materials sources and GRAIL could be excellent example to cope with this idea.

Role in the project

BZN will be the WPL for work package 4, task 4.4 and task 4.6 and is involved WP7(Dissemination & Exploitation).

Key personnel

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Kück, CEO of BZN is a qualified process engineer with over 20 years’ experience in process and product development. He will be in charge of overall management of the BZN research work in GRAILt, supported by

Dr. Alexandru Rusu, a qualified biotechnologist from the University of Cluij Napoca (Romania) who will be responsible for WP4 (Food product development).