Objective 1: Providing enough information on crude glycerol for its introduction in a biorefinery

  • Target 1.1. Analysis and evaluation of glycerol availability and supply
  • Target 1.2. Characteristics of available glycerol
  • Target 1.3. Setting performance specifications for the targeted products
  • Target 1.4. Glycerol treatment for further processing in order to provide a protocol for the purification of glycerol with the required quality
  • Target 1.5. Mass and energy balancing for glycerol processing plant concepts in order to provide a good data base

Objective 2: Transformation of glycerol in biofuels

  • Target 2.1. Biotransformation of Glycerol to hydrogen, ethanol
  • Target 2.2. Biotransformation of Glycerol to biobutanol
  • Target 2.3. Biotransformation of Glycerol to FAGE

Objective 3: Transformation of Glycerol in Green Chemicals

  • Target 3.1. Transformation of Glycerol into propanediol
  • Target 3.2. Transformation of Glycerol into component of resins and polymers
  • Target 3.3. Transformation of Glycerol into butyric acid
  • Target 3.4. Transformation of Glycerol into PHA
  • Target 3.5. Transformation of glycerol into green reactive diluents and solvents

Objective 4: Conversion of Glycerol into food related compounds

  • Target 4.1. Conversion of Glycerol into Trehalose
  • Target 4.2. Conversion of Glycerol into Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • Target 4.3. Conversion of Glycerol into ß-carotene
  • Target 4.4. Conversion of Glycerol into Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)